What’s in my travel skincare bag?

Following my What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag, this post is now related to skincare travel bag.  I tend to keep my sample and travel size products for taking with me while travelling… Continue reading

Healthy Eating to Boost Energy

There is so much emphasis on food today within a social or weight watching context that we often forget what it is really for  – food is fuel!   Ultimately, all food sources… Continue reading

A Day in Gozo

A couple of months ago, I visited Gozo for a day trip, but forgot to post the photos! Thought I would post them now as I think some of the scenery is amazing!… Continue reading

Eat your way to better skin

Your skin will only benefit from a diet rich in fresh foods. Be sure to hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water and wash all fresh fruit and vegetables  to remove chemical… Continue reading

What’s in my travel makeup bag?

I have recently travelled to the UK to visit family and although every time I visit I purchase quite a lot of stuff, I still take some basics with me for everyday make… Continue reading

Healthy Eating for glowing skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the foods we choose to eat can either blemish or condition our complexion. We all crave radiant skin, and spend much of our… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

2014 Favourites

 Since it is the last day of 2014, this post will be a 2014 favourites instead of December favourites.  These items I have loved and used most during 2014, and will be split… Continue reading

Sunny December

      We’ve been having quite nice weather in Malta recently, although the weather cooled down quite a bit now, we still get lots of sunshine. My favourite kind of weather, a… Continue reading

How the body uses water

   Following the importance of drinking water post, this will define more how the body uses water.   Every part of your body consists largely of water and requires the presence of this… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

Pai Starter Kit + More

  I have used Pai products before and loved them and recently  when they had Black Friday offers I took advantage and bought the whole starter kit which includes the Camelia and Rose… Continue reading

The importance of drinking water

  Despite the fact that water has no calorific value, it is an essential part of your diet. You could survive for several weeks without food, but without water you would perish in… Continue reading

Tag: This or That?!?

  I have seen this tag on Amber Magus’s blog and thought I should do it myself. I love reading and doing tags so here it goes 🙂   → Makeup Blush or… Continue reading

Natural Boost of Alcohol Detox

Following the planning your hangover detox, this post will focus on how you can prepare your body to help get rid of the toxins easier. The methods below can help to boost your… Continue reading

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