Superfoods: Cranberries

  A little bit of History: This bright red cousin of the blueberry grows on shrubs and was first enjoyed by the indigenous people of America, cooked and sweetened with honey or maple… Continue reading

Monthly Beauty Favourites – May

I’ve been loving quite a few products this month but these are my top 5 which I have been using mostly on a daily basis.   Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in shade 660… Continue reading

Superfoods: Blueberries

  A little bit of History: Blueberries are in season between May and October and are native to North America. Their cultivation did not begin until the 20th century and they were first… Continue reading

Superfoods: Bananas

  A little bit of History: It is believed that bananas originated in Malaysia about 4000 years ago and they were then exported throughout India and the Philippines. Today, the main producers of… Continue reading

Beauty Haul

  Following my skincare haul here, I have been craving some new makeup items, and I had given into temptation and purchased some make up “essentials” during the past month or so.  … Continue reading

Superfoods: Broccoli

  A little bit of History: Broccoli is available all year, but it’s tastiest between October and May. It was originally cultivated in Italy, dating back to Roman times and it’s Italian name… Continue reading

Superfoods: Walnuts

A little bit of history: The ornamental walnut tree has been cultivated for centuries and available in many varieties from English (Persian) walnut, black and white walnut; the English walnut actually originated in… Continue reading

Skincare Haul

  I have been lacking some skincare items recently and I think spring is the perfect time to try out new items and stock up, especially when they have offers and discounts.  … Continue reading

Superfoods: Almonds

A little bit of History: Almonds are technically the seed of the fruit, not nut, of the almond tree. This tasty seed is freshest during midsummer Benefits: Almonds contain monunsaturated fats that help… Continue reading

Quick Treats #1

  A quick and simple snack which is also good for on the go. Not super healthy, but much better than store bought treats and most of the ingredients are raw or organic.… Continue reading

A Beautiful Mess: Blog Life

  I came across A Beautiful Mess blog  here about a year ago, and have been following them ever since. A couple of weeks ago (or at least that’s when I came across it)… Continue reading

Fluoride in all Well Waters

I’ve recently received the information below as a comment from elusiveparticle, who also has a blog called: I thought that this information is really interesting and thought I should share it with anyone interested.  Here… Continue reading

Superfoods: Eggs

A little bit of History: Eggs have been viewed as symbols of fertility for millennia. Chickens naturally lay less eggs over winter. Benefits: Eggs are an excellent source of protein, choline, vitamin B… Continue reading

My thoughts on: Omorovicza

Omorovicza is a brand I have been reading on for quite sometime, and I’ve recently discovered their website; They have a loyalty scheme called pengo points, where you get pengo points with… Continue reading

Superfoods: Honey

  A little bit of History: Apiculture dates back to 700BC and ancient cultures regarded the sweet nectar of the bees as sacred. That it is still enjoyed today is thanks to the… Continue reading

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