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Top 6 Tips for Detoxing

Following the introductory post ¬†HERE, in this post I will share some simple tips to help with detox! What are toxins? Toxins, including pesticides and herbicides, hormones and preservatives, enter the body as… Continue reading

Beauty Smoothie

I’ve been loving smoothies lately, they are easy to make, very beneficial, an easy way to get a lot of vitamins in one serving and very refreshing especially in warmer weather. As discussed… Continue reading

Understanding the Magic of Detox

After doing my own 21 day cleanse, I thought I should share some information about detoxing as I found it so informational, inspiring and beneficial. I shared my experience here and here The… Continue reading

21 Day Cleanse: Follow up

So I have been doing the clean 21day detox, which I have posted about HERE During these 3 weeks I can say that I have managed to stay on track 95% of the… Continue reading

Superfood: Tumeric

Following my Superfood post series which I did quite a while ago, I recently came across this information which I think is amazing and thought I should share it with you all. If… Continue reading

Herbs for Summer Headaches {part 1}

Following the previous post on herbal remedies for summer headaches, we will look into the most effective herbs for such condition. Many herbs are useful cures for summer headaches and a combines selection… Continue reading

Clean: 21 Day Detox

If you’ve seen some of my previous posts here and here, you know that I bought and was really interested in the Clean book by Dr Alejandro Junger. I decided to give the… Continue reading

Herbal Remedies for Summer Headaches

With summer just around the corner, I thought this is the right time to discuss summer headaches in order to be prepared ūüôā When the Sun is at its hottest and the flowers… Continue reading

Herbs for Hay Fever part 2

Several Herbs have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, acting as natural antihistamines to relieve the symptoms of hay fever Plantain –¬†The juice or tincture prepared from the leaves of lantern provides valuable hay fever… Continue reading

Herbs for Hay Fever part 1

Several Herbs have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, acting as natural antihistamines to relieve the symptoms of hay fever Eyebright –¬†This may be used as a dried herb or liquid tincture. Eyebright tightens and… Continue reading

Herbal Remedies to Ease Hay fever

¬† Most people can enjoy the spring and summer sunshine, but those who suffer from hay fever have to contend with the misery of sneezing and sore tired eyes among other symptoms Hay… Continue reading

Foods That Maintain Bones pt 3

  Following the previous post, mentioning 4 important minerals for strong bones here, now we will see some important vitamins and a couple more minerals which are essential for strong bones.¬†   Vitamin… Continue reading

Foods That Maintain Bones pt 2

¬† ¬†Following the previous posts here and here, we now know that different minerals and vitamins are required for strong healthy bones. Here are the first 4:   Calcium Required for:¬†The main constituent… Continue reading

Foods That Maintain Bones pt 1

  Your dietary needs change throughout your life as your body changes and develops. Children or Teenagers –¬†it is important for those whose bodies are still developing to have an adequate intake of… Continue reading

Healthy Eating for Strong Bones

  The saying “You are what you eat” certainly applies to your bones. Maintain your body’s skeletal structure by eating the right foods. Bones are the body’s foundation and strong, dense bones are… Continue reading

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