Understanding the Magic of Detox


After doing my own 21 day cleanse, I thought I should share some information about detoxing as I found it so informational, inspiring and beneficial. I shared my experience here and here

The word ‘detox’ may seem a little bit daubing, but it’s really just another word for ‘spring cleaning’ your body, making you look and feel healthier

Although the cells in our bodies are cleverly designed to cleanse themselves and clear out the ‘rubbish’, we often become overloaded with more toxins than we are able to get rid of, and eventually the system clogs up.

Modern Living

Lack of exercise along with sedentary jobs, eating processed and refined foods, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, puts a huge strain on the body.

On top of all this, exposure to environmental factors such as air pollution and pesticides all bring toxicity into the system. If we temporarily remover or reduce as many of these factors as possible, the body’s own mechanisms for detoxifying are triggered into action

Benefits of Detox

The process of detox cleases and soothes the digestive system and stimulate the efficient functioning of organs and tissues. It rejuvenated and revitalises the body body, restoring a sense of vitality, promoting higher energy levels and weight loss, and improves the look and texture of your skin, resulting in a happier, healthier you.

Exercise plays an important role in detoxing. Gentle exercise stimulates the effective removal of waste!

Have you ever tried detoxing / cleansing?

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