Herbs for Summer Headaches {part 1}


Following the previous post on herbal remedies for summer headaches, we will look into the most effective herbs for such condition.

Many herbs are useful cures for summer headaches and a combines selection will help you beat all of the symptoms associated with this type of ailment

Rosemary – Rosemary is a stimulant that increases blood flow to the head, so  it’s excellent as a cure for headaches. It also helps to clear the mind, so it can be useful if you are having headaches because you concentrate too hard. Place a sprig of rosemary in a cup of water and boil it before drinking

A rosemary decoction will cure a tension or stress headache

Lavender – Lavender vivifies your nervous system while also helping you relax. To ease a headache, the flowers can be made into a tea by adding a teaspoon to a cup off boiling water and steeping the liquid for 5 minutes before drink in. You can also add blossoms to your bath water

Lavender can soothe a nervous headache

Linden – Linden blossoms are very effective for all types of headaches, as they act on the nervous system. Linden has a calming, soothing effect. You can use the blossoms or leaves of linden to make an infusion to treat headaches, by soaking a handful in a litre of water for a few minutes. Strain this, and keep a jug of it nearby so you can drink it throughout the day

Green Tea – This ancient Chinese herb is widely known as a health tea and is used during detoxes and as a boost to the immune system. It lowers high blood pressure, and eases headaches that are caused through both infections and stress.

Have you tried any of the mentioned  herbal remedies?

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