Herbal Remedies for Summer Headaches


With summer just around the corner, I thought this is the right time to discuss summer headaches in order to be prepared ๐Ÿ™‚

When the Sun is at its hottest and the flowers are in bloom, you might find yourself suffering one of the unexpected side effects of the warmest season

Summer is the time of year when you expect to feel your best. Warm weather , sunshine and long days all contribute to feelings of well-being. Often, however, the fact that you relax more in summer means that stresses and strains accumulated during the winter finally surface and make their messages known to you.

Plentiful seasonal herbs

The abundant plant growth of summer makes sure help is close at hand. Dried herbs are very effective, but fresh herbs are still vibrant with energy and life and can be grown close at hand in your garden or on a window-sill.

Back up your remedies with a herbal tonic, such as rosemary, or a relaxant, such as lavender, to make them even more effective. Headaches sap energy and prevent you from enjoying life to the full, but herbs can ease them safely.

Keep your body hydrated with summer drinks full of the healing power of herbs

Causes of summer headaches

Summer headaches have numerous causes, with some variance between the symptoms you will feel, and the reatment you administer will be most effective if you take care to tailor it to the exact cause. If you suffer from headaches frequently during the summer, try to pinpoint the situations in which they occur most often. Keep a diary of the times, places and symptoms you experience each time

Headache Types

Some types of summer headaches have easily recognisable symptoms.

  • If you have a runny nose and sore eyes, it could be that you have a cold or are susceptible to hay fever
  • If your eyes are painful and your head aches occur after being outside in the sun, you may be in need of stronger sunglasses to protect your eyes from over-exposure
  • If your headaches are frequent or severe, you should seek medical advice to rule out any serious causes, but if they are mild or moderate you will be able to treat them yourself with herbal teas, infusions and baths

Do you get such headaches in summer or hot weather?

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