Herbal Remedies to Ease Hay fever


Most people can enjoy the spring and summer sunshine, but those who suffer from hay fever have to contend with the misery of sneezing and sore tired eyes among other symptoms

Hay fever is caused by an allergic reaction to tiny, airborne particles of pollens and grains, Pollen is released from flowers, grasses and trees, and fills the air, particularly on warm, dry days. When it comes into contact with the eyes, nose and lungs, hay fever sufferers, pollen triggers the immune system to produce massive amounts of chemical substance histamine.

This results in the hypersensitive reaction of streaming eyes, sore throat and runny nose. In severe cases, symptoms similar to asthma can occur.

Treating hay fever symptoms

Herbal remedies can minimise attacks of this seasonal allergy and are effective in different ways. Echinacea and nettles balance  and strengthen the immune system. Herbs such as elder have an astringent action, helping to dry up secretions, while chamomile and plantain contain natural antihistamines that reduce hay fever symptoms.

The number of people suffering from seasonal allergies is increasing every year. Some believe that it might be related to the food we eat and the way we live, which I think makes sense. But more on this in a different post.

Prevention is better than cure

Ideally it is best to use herbal remedies as a preventive measure for hay fever in the months funning up to Spring and Summer, rather than just as a treatment

Echinacea – This Native American plant is a natural immunity enhancer. It stabilises the histamine-producing cells and keeps white blood cells within the normal range. The roots, leaves or whole plant may be used in tonics or teas. A cup of echinacea a day boosts the immune system for the hay fever season

Garlic – Herbalists recommend adding garlic to your diet one to two months before the hay fever season. It contains B-Group vitamins that have immune boosting properties

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