Foods That Maintain Bones pt 3



Following the previous post, mentioning 4 important minerals for strong bones here, now we will see some important vitamins and a couple more minerals which are essential for strong bones. 


Vitamin A

Required for: This is needed for the uptake of calcium. It’s often deficient in smokers

Sources: Orange coloured fruits and vegetables, fish liver oil and meats


Vitamin D

Required for: This vitamin helps to metabolise calcium

Sources: Avocado, eggs, fish oils and liver. A small amount can also be manufactured by the body from sunlight


Vitamin K

Required for: This helps in the synthesis of bone proteins. Yoghurt with active bacterial cultures helps to create vitamin K in the intestines

Sources: Cabbage and Tomatoes


Other important minerals for maintaining strong and healthy bones include:

Copper: Important for bone formation, it is found in meat and wholegrain cereals

Sulphur: Keeps bones healthy. Found in high amounts in eggs, garlic and onions

Zinc: Important for calcium uptake. Found in wheat bran and seafoods


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