Foods That Maintain Bones pt 1



Your dietary needs change throughout your life as your body changes and develops.

Children or Teenagers – it is important for those whose bodies are still developing to have an adequate intake of calcium from deep green leafy vegetables or fish. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables will also provide the body with other bone building nutrients

Adults – similarly, adults need a good balanced diet, with an adequate supply of calcium. In particular, post menopausal women need a high calcium diet as the sex hormones help to maintain bone density by moving calcium to the bones for storage. Boron, found in leafy vegetables, can help to increase oestrogen levels. Black pepper can also be beneficial as it contains anti-osteoperosis compounds.


Like all tissues bones contain protein. They are rick in minerals – boron, calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, silica, sulphur, zinc and many others. To utilise these minerals, Vitamin A and D must also be present and the diet must contain unsaturated fats.

During Pregnancy

The old ‘eating for two’ adage is certainly true. Scientists know that your diet can affect your baby’s health – even before you become pregnant. Calcium is important for pregnant women and an adequate intake of Vitamin A, C and D will help your baby’s bones to grow, and will also promote good eyesight, healthy nerves and teeth.

Avoid Toxins

Try to avoid high alcohol and caffeine consumption, or smoking. These all contain toxins which hamper the uptake of essential vitamins and mineral into the bones. Even if you can’t give up these substances completely, just cutting back will help you to benefit more from a healthy diet. 


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