Healthy Eating for Strong Bones



The saying “You are what you eat” certainly applies to your bones. Maintain your body’s skeletal structure by eating the right foods.

Bones are the body’s foundation and strong, dense bones are essential for good posture, strength and balance. the quality of your skeletal structure also has a direct impact on your appearance and energy levels. Therefire, you should consider building strong, healthy bones a lifelong concern. Bones consist of malleable, living tissue in a constant state of renewal and certain foods can help to maintain them.


Keeping your bones strong

Thinning and weakening of the bones is not an inevitable aspect of ageing. Loss of bone density, inflexibility and osteoporosis can be prevented and possibly reversed with a good diet and lifestyle. Two of the easiest ways to achieve these goals are to include regular weight-bearing exercise in your daily routine and eating more of the foods that contain nutrients for healthy bones.


You should eat foods rich in calcium to maintain healthy bones 


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