My Current Top 5 Health Tips

healthy tips

I have been looking for and trying out a lot tips to try and find the best tips to help keep me on track in living a healthy lifestyle. These are my favourite 5 tips I have been trying to apply in my day to day life. Having said so, I am not the perfect healthy living person, but I do my best and am working very hard to live as healthy as possible.

Let me start by saying that planning is everything, I really love and agree with the saying you fail to plan you plan to fail. Having and plan and preparing things in advance makes it easier to stay on track. So here are my tips:

1. Meal Planning – I try to make a weekly meal plan on a Friday evening, the go shopping on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and prepare some of my meals on Sunday afternoon. These include most of my work lunches, a lot of veggie portions, prepare snacks such as these energy bits from deliciously ella and always make a batch of almond milk, I use the recipe from deliciously ella as well.
2. Schedule tasks with calendar notifications if necessary – I find that certain tasks are easy to forget, so I schedule them in my mobile calendar with a notification so that I will remember until I get into the habit of doing such task. E.g I use Water your body app which notifies me every hour to drink water and log my water intake
3. Have healthy treats at hand all the time – it is easier to snack on a healthy treat if it is already available. 2 of my favourites treats are the energy bites from deliciously ella or some home made nut and fruit mix which usually includes; brazil nuts, pecans, almonds, black raisins and dates and some coconut flakes

4. Avoid temptations – similar to the point above, do not keep unhealthy treats in your cupboard. It is so easy to fall back into temptation if you have access to treats just by opening a cupboard. It is more likely to reach for somethings that is already in your cupboard so if you have ready prepare healthy treats and none of the unhealthy temptations, you are more likely to have the healthy treat rather than going out and buying the unhealthy treat.

5. Always carry a bottle of water – drinking plenty of water makes a huge difference in staying healthy, having a bottle with you all the time makes it possible to drink water at any time. I love using my detox water bottle from blogilates to carry infused water

Apart from trying to follow these tips I believe that making time for yourself even just 20-30 mins, is really important. I find that doing this in the morning and having a healthy breakfast keeps me motivated to stay on the right track all day!

What are your tips for staying healthy?

Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below !