Eating to Boost Fertility {Part 2}


A healthy balanced diet is essential for optimum health at all times but some nutrients are particularly good for promoting fertility in both men and women


Manganese – promotes healthy DNA (the genetic building blocks from which we are made) and is essential for reproduction.  The best sources are red fruits such as raspberries, blackberries and black grapes as well as pineapple, okra, lima beans, oats, beetroot, celery, watercress, lettuce, grapes, tea and most nuts

Manganese is essential for healthy DNA, which will help in having a healthy fit baby as well as conceive easily


Selenium – is required for the male reproductive system and is essential for sperm mobility. In women, it reduces chances of miscarriage. Good sources are brazil nuts, whole grains and shellfish

Green and red cabbage, courgettes, chicken and most varieties of mushrooms are other good sources of the fertility boosting selenium


Zincis needed for healthy sperm production and can raise a man’s testosterone levels. It is also an important nutrient in the development of the unborn baby. Good sources include seeds such as sesame and pumpkin, whole grains, ginger root and brewer’s yeast. It is also easily absorbed from fish and seafood such as oyster and prawns

Zinc is essential for male fertility and is a potent antioxidant. Good sources of zinc include shellfish, lamb, peas and ginger


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