Beauty from the Inside {Guest Post}


Heya everyone 🙂  as you can see from the title, this post is written by guest blogger, Remi. After her amazing fashion tips a couple of months ago here , I am very happy to have her contribute to my blog again with this post.


Hi everyone! My name is Remi, a Melbourne based marketing student with a passion for writing, fashion and all things DIY! I enjoy dancing and doing fun things with people I care about. Feel free to drop me a line at or find me on facebook and twitter


Admittedly, it took me a while to understand these words truly. At first, as a young girl, beauty was really simple for me. I just thought that a sweet face and lovely body made somebody beautiful. It took me a while, but then I went to the other extreme, thinking that only soul is beautiful and that beautiful and rich minds are what makes beauty in this world. As always, I found the truth in the middle. I love taking care of my body, but not like before because I feel it is the most attractive thing about me, but because I believe that by grooming myself, I love myself and show my body the respect it deserves. An active life, taking care of myself and enjoying myself make me happy. After all these years, I finally think – happy is beautiful. Here is how I keep myself happy.






When it comes to food, I strongly believe that it influences us in more ways than just the calories we burn and the fat we gain or lose. I think it is the energy that we bring into our bodies and our souls and that a well prepared meal, with love and devotion is what everybody needs. However, we all live in hectic times today, and while I try to have at least one cooked meal a day and balanced portion of vegetables and fresh fruits each day, from time to time the best option for that meal on my feet is a protein shake. It’s cool, delicious and full of precious proteins.


Body Care



I learned the hard way that all you do for your body will not work if you don’t keep that body hydrated. My skin turns out impossible, pale and dull if I don’t drink enough water throughout the day, especially in the summer. I try to get full body scrubs with the scrubs that I make on my own. I keep my face skin fresh and radiant by cleaning it twice a day, eating well and once a week, I make a mask and I exfoliate. I am very careful about what touches my face. This means that I change the pillowcases all the time, and I clean my Jane Iredale makeup brushes after every use. I just don’t want to take any chances with the skin on my face.





It is impossible to look remotely human if you are under-slept and tired all the time. Whenever I try to push myself too much, I think about that fact that you will die faster if you don’t sleep than if you don’t eat and I give myself another hour of sleep. Too much of a good thing has the same effects as well, so I try and keep it in the frame of 6-8 hours a day. It makes my skin glow, rids me off those baggy under eyes, keeps me fit and keeps me energized. No wonder women refer to naps as to their beauty sleep. It really is true.





I don’t know anybody who likes to sweat. I hate it as well. But I realized that, if I think of all that sweating as of the toxins and all the bad energy leaving my body, I can live with it. My exercise routine consists of a treadmill every other day and yoga twice a week. Everybody can find something that they can stick to in terms of perfect exercise plans and routines, and I found this amazing and motivational fitness instructor who made me excited about working out again. In that way, I get rid of all those toxins and break a sweat, while yoga keeps me balanced, positive and limber. I don’t know anybody today who can afford not to work out one way or another.


These are all small things that are easy to incorporate into a workweek with a little bit of planning. They may seem small and simple, but they are a really big deal for me as they are all part of my attitude toward myself and life in general. Together with some good books, quality time with friends, theater and other high quality content, I managed to make myself a person that I really like and love. That is the way to be beautiful.