Herbs to boost fertility


Ensure that your body is in peak condition to conceive by boosting your intake of essential nutrients in fresh foods


Up until the 18th century, herbs were the principal form of medicine in our society. It is important to recognise the potentially powerful effects herbs and plants have. For prolonged use, or if you have an existing health problem, a qualified herbal practitioner should be consulted. 

Evening Primrose  – Native Americans used all parts of the evening  primrose to treat infertility. They ate the seeds and made tea from the yellow flowers and peppery leaves

Ginseng – The Chinese have valued this herb for 7000 years as a cure all restorative tonic. Its root can be chewed or added to stews as a treatment to impotence


Ginger can boost a low libido and helps to prevent blood clotting, a common cause of miscarriage


A healthy diet and relaxed lifestyle will improve your general health, thus making it easier for you to conceive.  


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