Lj fit challenge update #1



If you’ve read my previous post here you know I am currently doing the Lorna Jane Fit challenge. I am currently on week 4 which is the last week of phase 1.

I have been doing quite well I think especially workout wise. I have done the workouts most days, I only skipped a couple of days when I wasn’t feeling well, as I think that listening to your body is sometimes more important.

My favourite workout for phase 1 have to be the kick starter (except for the pushups – can’t do them properly to save my life but working on it)

If you know about this challenge, you know that you get the recipe book with your purchase, and since I ordered mine from the Australian site (they ship worldwide) I got the clean and simple recipe book, which I think is amazing! I have tried quite a few of the recipes and I must admit I have not tried one I did not like yet. My favourite have to be the zucchini lasagne, mmm delicious. 

Having said so, I need to work on my meal planning and prepping, as sometimes I find myself reaching for naughty treats, and if I have meals ready made, that would be more unlikely.

Have you heard about, or are you doing the challenge? What are your favourite recipes?

What are your thoughts? and do you have any tips to make meal prepping easier?


Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!