Tracking Health & Fitness + How to stay motivated


Health and fitness may be easy to some people, but when you are surrounded with temptation it is very easy to give in. 

My biggest temptation is at the office, most of my colleagues order take out lunch from fast food chains / restaurants, and most of the time it includes pizza or some other deliciously smelling super unhealthy food. 

Sometimes I fall into these temptations without even realising, snacking on some fries here and there, some times a pizza slice, and without even realising, all the hard effort to prepare healthy lunches for work goes all down the drain.


I find that when logging food intake it makes me realise how much I am actually eating and I can see exactly what I have been consuming and how much. This also goes hand in hand with tracking workouts and its progress. I love tracking my workouts and times as I can see if I’ve made any progress and what I had been doing to achieve that progress. I also tend to stay more motivated to eat clean when I know I gave my workouts my 110% and have been making progress.

At the moment I am using the Lorna Jane app to track my workouts and it is amazing. It tracks time, calories burnt and in case of walks and runs it also tracks the distance and average speed as well as tracking the route using GPS which makes it perfect to track your progress.  

Unfortunately I have not yet found a good app to track my food intake so at the moment I am using the Lorna Jane Active planner to document all my food intake. It allows you to log 6 meals, has a nutrient tracker, glasses of water, comment how you feel and log what you can do differently tomorrow. Each page also has an affirmation of the day which is a motivational quote. I am loving this planner but it only a 12 week planner, and I would love to start logging my food on apps as it would be easier to do without having to carry the journal 🙂

If you have any suggestions for good apps to track food intake please let me know 🙂



Tracking health and fitness has been increasing popularity for the past couple of years and along with leading fitness brands offering gadgets and apps to track fitness, now even some health insurances are offering such service. Oscar health insurance, a health insurance company in New Jersey, have been offering  a web and mobile friendly experience through their website and new app along with a MisFit Flash tracker which tracks all the calories burned, distance travelled, steps taken and sleep quality during all activities. What makes this more amazing is that members get the opportunity to earn a dollar for everyday they meet their personalised fitness goals, which gives you more reason to stay motivated


How I stay motivated:

  1. Keep the journal where it can be seen all the time
  2. Have motivational health and fitness boards
  3. Set alarms and calendar notifications where necessary (especially until you get into the routine)
  4. Plan and prepare meals in advance so you would not end up snacking unhealthy treats because you do not have time to make healthy ones
  5. Prepare a set of workout clothes to last all week and put the ones you will be using the next day somewhere you see them as soon as you wake up
  6. Invest in good, brightly coloured motivational workout clothes that you will enjoy wearing  


How do track your meals and fitness? Any tips on how to improve my health and fitness tracking?

Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!