Foods to Improve Digestion


Eating is just the start of the complex process by which food is digested by your body to supply you with vital nutrients


The sight, smell and expectation of food causes your body to produce saliva, contract stomach muscles and release enzymes in preparation for digestion. Special enzymes in saliva begin to break down the food as we chew, and the tongue helps push it down a pipe called the oesophagus. The food is pushed towards the stomach by a series of wave-like muscular contractions known as ‘peristalis’


Breaking down nutrients

In the stomach, foods are further broken down by powerful muscle contractions as well as strong acids and enzymes. Food is separated into smaller chemical building blocks, and nutrients are released and absorbed into the blood stream and sent around the body. Substances, such as dietary fibre that cannot be digested, are passed to the large intestine or colon. The bulk that remains, consisting mainly of fibre, is excreted as ‘faeces’



There are several factors that can improve your digestion and avoid stomach upsets

  • Eat moderate portions; your stomach only produces a certain amount of digestive juices
  • Don’t rush, Eat slowly and chew each mouthful
  • Eat whole, natural foods. Processed foods are more difficult to digest
  • Eat at regular times. The digestive system works best when it has a regular schedule of breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Relax at and after meal times. Digestive muscles function better and digestive juices flow more freely when you relax


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