Healthy Eating to Boost Energy


There is so much emphasis on food today within a social or weight watching context that we often forget what it is really for  – food is fuel!


Ultimately, all food sources (protein, carbohydrate and fat) are broken down by the body and used – or  stored – as energy. Our body cells are like batteries, because they are powered by energy that keeps us moving, thinking and even breathing. The intensity and duration of our energy is dependent on our diet. Some foods, such as chocolate, will instantly pep you up with a sudden surge of sugar, but the effects soon fade. Other foods, such as oatmeal, provide a slow steady release of energy, which will keep you on the go for much longer.


Sustaining energy

Without regular supplies of sustenance to boost and maintain our energy levels, we start to feel weak and sluggish. So whether you are a working mother, juggling family, home and career; or company director who works long hours and only occasionally visits the gym; or a professional athlete training for a triathlon, you need to ensure that you are supplying your body with five-star  fuel to give you zest for life.


Choosing the right food to snack on prior to a workout, will give you a sustainable energy boost


Dietary Causes of Fatigue


A lack of energy can be caused by a number of food related factors:


A deficiency in vitamins C and D or iron can cause fatigue. Stay alert by eating foods rich in these nutrients such as dried apricots (iron), druid (vitamin C) or salmon (vitamin D).


Sugar in the blood is regulated by the hormone insulin. Ingesting large amounts of refined sugar, such as that in cakes and sweets, causes insulin levels to soar. To compensate, the body will rapidly lower blood sugar levels, causing us to feel more lethargic than before!

Sugary drinks provide a quick energy fix, but cause lethargy in the long term


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