Healthy Living and Lorna Jane


Following my other posts here, here and here, this is the last post of the healthy living and… series.

I have first heard about Lorna Jane from my Australian relatives, but I’ve only knew about her workout gear range and never gave much more thought to it. Recently whilst I’ve been looking for healthy living articles, I’ve discovered the move nourish believe blog and have been enjoying it ever since. I’ve researched more on Lorna Jane and started following the blog as it is full of amazing information and inspiration and I’ve also downloaded the mobile app which I use every time I work out and have mentioned here


I have since bought a couple of items from Lorna Jane, and I am very pleased with my purchases. In my first purchase I got a couple of items for my workout, both to try out the brand and as a way to motivate myself. I got 2 tanks which I love; the never give up excel tank which I have mentioned in my monthly favourites here, and the aubrey excel mesh tank, a head band and a couple of motivational hair bands which I use daily during my workouts, a pair of yoga socks which helped me perform my best ever downward facing dog and the book More  which I have mentioned here. With that purchase I also got the  2015 diary which is really motivational and is in my current favourite colour.


Since I enjoyed my first purchase so much, I have taken advantage of Black Friday offers and got myself the bootleg pants, the Nourish cookbook and the first book move nourish believe.

Both my orders arrived within 3-4 days which I am really impressed with especially since I live in Malta (Europe) and they have a flat shipping rate of just $20 (aud), the only draw back is the customs fee, but it is still worth it for such good quality products.

They have recently released a lifestyle range and I have my eye on a couple of products from the range but haven’t bought any yet.

Love the LJ brand and philosophy and have been really inspired with such great reads.


Have you tried anything from Lorna Jane? What are your thoughts?


Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!