Christmas Wishlist: Under €20



I have been really tempted with all the gift sets and Christmas collections recently, a lot of brands come up with special editions and a lot of online sites promote great offers. Of all the stuff I looked at, here are some of the items that I am most interested in. Any of these selections are great for anyone especially people who appreciate beauty and love to relax. Most of the options are affordable and great both as a gift or as a stocking filler.


Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit17.28

Great gift set, and a great way to try out some of Burt’s bees products. I have tried some of the products in the kit individually and I love them. The hand cream and lip balm are amazing!

Weleda Mini Body Oil Gift Set 16.58

Great way to try out some of Weleda’s body oils, great traveling sizes and perfect for applying after a nice bath to further enhance your relaxation time especially during the cold season

this works Beauty Ball Sleep Balm 10g 10.75 (Sale Price)

Great as a Tree bobble with a mini gift inside. Can be applied to pulse points to help you relax

Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio 12.79

If you’ve seen some of my other posts, you know I love real techniques brushes. These would make a perfect handbag essential and great for traveling light

this works Dream Team Duo 12.80

Apart from being a cute gift, it is also a great way to try out 2 popular products from this works, and who can argue with a gift that helps you relax and snooze off

Antipodes Moisture Boost Mini’s Kit16.63 

Another mini set, which is great for traveling or trying out these Antipodes products. I haven’t tried these particular products yet but I love my antipodes eye cream, it is the best eye cream I have tried so far!

What does your Christmas wishlist include? Have you tried any of these products?

Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!