Dietary Fibre – The Intro



Fibre is an essential component of a healthy diet. It is not absorbed as a nutrient but serves is own purpose of keeping your body waste free.

Dietary fibre is an important part of any healthy balanced diet.Though indigestible, fibre can be found in many foods, however not in animal products. It cannot be broken down by the body or even get absorbed.

Insoluble fibre acts a a bulking agent for eliminating waste and toxins from the digestive system, absorbing excess water in the digestive tract and aiding the passage of food through the body. The fibrous content removes bacteria and waste matter from the large intestine and encourages regular muscle contraction.

Studies suggest that a diet high in meat and low in fruits and vegetables can increase the risk of cancers such as colon and prostate. A high-fibre diet will make you less prone to conditions such as bowel cancer and constipation.


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