Current Top 5 Smart Phone Apps


Recently I have be trying out quite a few smart phone applications, most of which I have uninstalled from my phone as I have never used them, but there are quite a few I’ve been loving lately, most of which I use on a daily basis. Here are my top 5 apps! (they are not listed in any particular order)


1. Blogilates App

I use this mostly for the workout calendar as it offers a full monthly pre-planned set of workouts, so it saves me time workout planning most days. You can watch the workout video directly through the app but I prefer watching in on a larger screen, however I do enjoy ticking off each workout after it is done and you can see at a glance the amounts of workouts done within the month.


2. Lorna Jane App

I use this almost everyday and I use it mostly as my workout diary. I select the type of workout I will be doing, and once I click on start workout, it tracks where you are and keeps a timer. So by the end of the workout I know how long I worked out for, the distance (if applies) and the amount of energy used. I love this for when I go for a walk, I start the timer just before I start my walk and apart from tracking my route and calculating my distance, every couple of minutes it tells me how long I have been walking, the distance I walked and my average pace. It helps me stay on track and I would know if I’ve slowed down so I can pick up my pace. It also records my activity history to keep a track of my progress. There is also a Nourish section which includes all these delicious recipes which you can also access on the go as well as a believe section which are motivational quotes on a beautiful background.


3. Delciously Ella

I have only discovered this app recently but I love it. It is full of amazing healthy recipes which are really good for the body. It is split into sections such as breakfasts, mains, smoothies etc, so it is easy to find what you are looking for. It also includes quite a lot of cakes and desserts which are also healthy and do not harm your body. The app also comes with a detox menu, which includes different types of detox for different purposes. You can also favourite recipes, which will be  copied into the favourites section for easier access.


4. Can’t wake up

If you’re like me and everytime the alarm goes off , keep hitting the snooze button, sometimes without even realizing, then this app might help. Firstly you can create alarms for different days of the week, and you can set different settings to each alarm. The way it works is that you cannot stop the alarm just by hitting the snooze button, but you have to play certain games otherwise the alarm will keep getting louder. There are various games you can choose from and you can set different levels of ease,  I picked up 4  and set them on level medium so I would have to actually think before completing the task. I allowed myself 1 snooze (out of a maximum of 10), so the first time it beeps I will snooze it and prepare myself to wake up.

This might sound silly but it has actually helped me get up easier in the morning.


5. Out of milk

I have been using this application for years and I find it really convenient. I use mostly the shopping list, and you can create multiple shopping lists. I have one for every supermarket I go to and I have created categories based on the isles of the supermarket so it makes it easier to shop and save me time going back and forth to isles. I also add prices to my most bought items so when I create my shopping list, I will have an average of how much I will be spending. Once an item is ticked off it goes right at the bottom of the list so it is easier to see how many items are remaining. A pro version of this app is also available and it allows synchronization to an online app which you can access from a computer.


A Beautiful Mess

Lastly I have used A Beautiful Mess app to edit and create the above photo collages. I love this app and I have been using it for quite some time now, and I use it quite a lot for photos in my blog.


I use these apps on Android phone and I am not sure if they are available for other mobile software.


What are your current favourite apps? Have you ever tried any of my above mentioned apps?


Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!