Healthy Lifestyle and Tone it Up



Following my intro to a healthy lifestyle post here, this post will be more focused on Tone it Up.

I have been following Tone it up for almost a year now. I have come across their blog watching some blogs where they mentioned the tone it up nutrition plan, whilst searching for healthy meal planning. I believe I first heard about it either on gemsmaquillage youtube channel or on Cambria Joy’s you tube channel BreeLovesBeauty.

After looking at their website and youtube channel and being subscribed for a couple of months, I decided to purchase the Tone it Up Nutrition plan which you can find here. I got the regular plan and I love it. It is very well explained and it is easy enough for everyone to understand.

The plan includes tons of recipes and next to each recipe, there is a cute symbol stating at what time of day each meal is ideally eaten, which makes it easier to create weekly or even monthly meal plans.  Further to this, Tone it Up founders Karena and Katrina, issue special editions of the plan, and I got all the previously issued special editions with my purchase. Since, I have also received free of charge new special editions issued, which this year included the Summer Sizzle edition and the Frisky Fall Edition which is perfect for autumn / winter recipes.

I love the plan. Even though I don’t eat from the plan each and everyday, it created a whole lot of recipe possibilities which are delicious and super healthy.

There are a couple of recipes from the plan which have become my go to meals when I’m out of ideas or short on time especially since they are quite easy to make.

After a couple of months of having the meal plan, I decided to buy one of their workout DVD’s. It was winter and I was intrigued by the idea of following a workout near the beach so I got the Beach Babe DVD2 digital edition which you can find here.

I love the workouts on the DVD and my favourite 2 workouts are Beach Barre and Sunrise Routine. I try to include at least one of these routines weekly in my workouts.

I have recently bought a couple of other items from their online shop, for which I have posted a photo on instagram here.

One of the items purchased was their perfect fit protein, and I have to admit it is the best protein powder I have ever tried,  but unfortunately the shipping cost is quite expensive since I live in Europe. I have also got the Salad Shaker which I love and the stack containers which hold 1 serving of perfect fit protein, great for when traveling or on the go.

I love Tone It Up and I will be trying to incorporate a lot more of the nutrition plan meals in my weekly meal plan. I haven’t tried a recipe which I didn’t like yet so it gets full points from my end!

One more thing I have been loving from tone it up lately is one of their latest youtube videos which includes Yoga and Kettlebells, which you can find here.I have been into Yoga and Pilates a lot lately and this video incorporates a bit of yoga as well a weight training moves which I have been enjoying.


PS:This is not a sponsored post and I have bought all the items mentioned with my own money. All my thoughts are 100% my own honest opinions.


Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!