Healthy Life Style and Blogilates



blogilates gear itemsBlogilates is the first heath and fitness blog I discovered and started following, just over a year ago. Blogilates is run by Cassey Ho, a pilates instructor and consists mainly of a blog and a youtube channel as well a couple of online shops including workout gear and fitness related items. I have bought some items from blogilates and I have documented them here, here, here and here

I first discovered her YouTube channel which is mainly Pop Pilates workout routines along with some fun chats and other informative discussions. You can find the you tube channel here. Each routine is short and fun and she actually makes you forget you’re working out with random chats! Cassey issues a free monthly calendar every month where she plans out workouts for everyday of the month and how to best incorporate them. You can find the calendar on her blog here.

Last year I did the 12 week body makeover plan with blogilates and followed the calendar for the full 12 weeks and it felt amazing. This year she just launched an 8 week hot body challenge which I plan to do as well and it officially starts on Monday 10th November. You can find more information on it here.

As I have mentioned in one of the previous links, Cassey recently launched a high quality workout gear line which I use most days for my workouts and I have documented my thoughts on such gear here.

Blogilates also comes with a free smart phone app which links to the blogilates community, has quick access to the workout videos, any user can submit or start a discussion, access various clean recipes and a quick link to the shop. A monthly subscription of $0.99 is also available for the monthly calendar which incorporates cool features such as ticking off workouts done in the calendar and a direct link to workout videos. A new workout routine also comes out every month which is only available for calendar subscribers.

Other cool stuff I got from blogilates which I love are a yoga mat with the quote  “Train insane or remain the same”, a pilates dvd as well as my favourite yoga pants with the quote “train insane”

Do you follow blogilates? what are your thoughts about such community?


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