October Favourites

naked3 tanyaburr lip gloss aromatherapy associates realtechniqes sponge

As the weather cooled down a bit, I have been enjoying more products this month, and some of them have become a staple in my daily routine.


The first item is a foundation and I have been using this one almost on a daily basis. It is the Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation which claims to be a primer, concealer and foundation in 1. It is SPF 20 and I have it in shade Natural 50. I don’t usually use foundation on a daily basis, but I have been loving this one. It gives a natural look whilst hiding imperfections. I found it stays very well all day and it does exactly what is says on the bottle. My skin is more on the dry side and I found this foundation somewhat moisturizes my dry patches without highlighting them


Staying on the foundation theme, I have been loving the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge here  which I use to apply my foundation and it applies flawlessly. It gives a nice natural finish and I find it works best when wet. I have been using this sponge on a daily basis and it makes applying makeup really quick and simple. I am no makeup professional and I find that using this sponge make my foundation look like it has been done by a professional.


Another favourite this month which I have been using almost daily is the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I love the rosy gold shades, most of the colours are soft and light but can be built up quite easily. My current favourite shade is limit for a soft natural look with a sweep of dust shade for a very subtle shimmer. You can find the Naked 3 palette here. here


Staying on pink shades I have been loving the Tanya Burr Lip gloss in shade Afternoon Tea this month. It has a pinky peachy shade which is perfect for a natural look and I find goes really well with the Naked 3 shades for a typical day at the office. I also love the texture of such lip gloss, they have a good colour staying power, they smell / taste amazing and they are not sticky like some lip glosses are. I find they have the best balm/gloss texture. You can find Tanya Burr lip glosses here.


My last favourite item this month is not make up related but it helps with your beauty sleep. This is the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Balm which you can find here. This small pot has really done miracles for me, not in terms of beauty but in terms of helping me calm down when I get stressed. I have been really busy lately and I have been having some sort of anxiety, but when I feel like I am about to panic, I have been applying this balm on my wrists and temples and inhale deeply and the smell  has been helping me relax and calm down. I also apply some of this balm before going to bed to calm down and try to avoid thinking of all the things I need to get done.

Since I have been having some minor panic attacks lately I have been searching for an app for my Android Phone which might help and I came across an app called Calm, which I am really liking. It comes with different relaxation sounds and backgrounds which you can choose from as well as a voice guided relaxation and meditation program. I sometimes listen to some of the guided meditation before I go to sleep as I find it helps me relax a lot. You can find the app here


Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!