Current Face Mask Routine


I don’t do pamper routines often, but I do follow this routine on a weekly basis.


The Evening Before:

I cleanse my face using a balm cleanser and a hot cloth to make sure I remove all traces of makeup. Then follow with the Alpha- H Liquid gold with glycolic acid here which is a chemical exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cell, leaves your skin soft and exposes newer skin. It is very important to use sunscreen the following morning even if going out in cloudy weather. I use this instead of toners and moisturizers in the evening.

I feel that doing this step the evening before enables the cleansing mask to sink into pores and cleanse the skin better.


Face Mask Day:

I use a cleansing mask then follow it with a hydration mask

After I cleanse my face thoroughly,ย  I soak a face cloth in warm water, rinse and cover my face for a couple of seconds to warm my skin and allow products to apply and work better. For this step I use either the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask here or the Glam Glow super mud mask here.

I apply the cleansing face mask either on my full face or on the T-Zone + any spots or problem areas. This usually depends on the weather and the current condition of my skin.

I leave the mask on for the recommended amount of time, then rinse off using either a face cloth or face sponge. I always rinse my face cloth or sponge under running warm water as opposed to rinsing in a full sink bowl. I find this way ensures the cloth is clean and not rinsed in water containing dirt and residue of the mask.

After the cleansing mask is fully rinsed, I love applying the Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight maskย  here as a hydration mask. I love this because it does not have to be rinsed, so I apply a generous amount on my face and leave it on until the next morning.

I believe that this routine has helped my skin immensely, especially the Origins drink up intensive mask as I find it gets rid of dry patches overnight.


Quick Tip: I usually apply the cleansing mask using my Real Techniques foundation brush here as I find this applies neater and evenly throughout my whole face.


Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know what you think in the comments below!