Common Dietary terms pt 2


Following the first dietary post here, these are 3 more common terms briefly explained.



These make up body components such as bones, teeth, tissues and cells. These minerals cannot be made by the body and must be  obtained from a balanced diet.


Protein consists of units called amino acids, some of which are produced by the body itself. However essential amino acids must be supplied from the diet. There are a lot of foods that provide protein such as; meat, fish, eggs, nuts and quinoa, however not all these food types contain all the protein amino acids needed by the body.


These are the organic compounds found in food and drinks that the body requires for growth, maintenance and repair.



These are some of the most common terms encountered when reading and researching about food and nutrition explained very briefly.


Some of these terms can be better explained in far more detail which I intend to do in the coming weeks.


Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!