Superfoods: Plums


A little bit of History:

Plums are in season from May to October and there are over 2000 varieties. Dried plums are known as prunes and share the same nutritional content.


Plums offer significant antioxidant protection. they are high in phenols, which prevent oxygen radicals from breaking down important fats in your brain cells. Plums also improve iron absorption, which might be related to the fruit’s high vitamin C content. Your eyes will benefit from eating plums as they help prevent your vision degrading with age.


  • Plums may inhibit calcium absorption in the body due to their concentration of oxalates
  • Slice and broil some plums and serve with wilted spinach and crunchy pumpkin seeds
  • Try poaching plums and serving them with lemon zest for a healthy dessert with a bit of a sour streak
  • You can eat plums just as they are to absorb all their natural goodness, just remember to remove the stone!
  • Add chopped plums to plain yoghurt and sprinkle with honey for additional sweetness


Do you have any favourite plum recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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