Monthly favorites: September


September is my least favorite month (I think) mainly because of the weather as it is really hot, humid and sticky. It feels like you cannot take a full breath as the air is super hot and we get most winds from the South (mainly Africa since Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean sea).

Any way rant over, basically I don’t have much favorites this month since I will be looking forward for the month to end, so here are my current favorite products / items.


Beauty Favorites:


My first favorite item is the Papaya Gold PawPaw papaya which you can find here I have been using this on mosquito bites and severe dry patches and it has helped a lot

Another favorite is a pink grapefruit lip balm from the Badger Balm collection which you can find here and I have mentioned in a post here. Since the air is super hot and humid this has kept my lips soft and smooth and it tastes / smells amazing. It is also organic so it should not do any harm in case a little is swallowed (although this should not be done on purpose!)


The Holistic Silk Lavender Eye mask is a recent purchase which I have mentioned here and I have been loving lately. You can find this eye mask here I have been using this eye mask most nights. It is soft and velvety on the inside, therefore you would not wake up with any streaks on your face, it is super-sized, so it covers most of your face and keep the light out and my most favorite thing is that it is filled with dried lavender which gives a subtle hint of lavender scent when on your face!


Non Beauty Favourites

All about that base song by Meghan Trainor – although the song was interpreted badly due to some phrases, I do like it as I don’t think the phrases are intended to offend anyone, and I also like the beat of the song. I also liked a post by sprinkle of glitter and her views on the song here


Top Health and Beauty magazine – which I find very informative. It consist of various topics including but are not limited to Health, Beauty, Food, Workouts

Not much to share this month!

What are your current monthly favorite items?


Thank you for reading 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!