Superfoods: Mustard Seeds



A little bit of History:

Mustard is generally sold as a prepared condiment, but the seeds also make an excellent addition to your spice rack. Mustard seeds come in three main varieties; the black seeds comes from the Middle East, the brown from the Himalayas and the white from the Mediterranean regions.


Mustard seeds are full of minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron and manganese. They are also said to help asthma sufferers and combat high blood pressure and perhaps most importantly, contain isothiocyanates, which are believed to combat cancer.


  • Adding hot water will end the enzymatic process when making your own mustard, meaning that you can control how hot you want your mustard to become
  • Roast your mustard seeds in a skillet and use as a dressing for salads or meat
  • Sprinkle colorful seeds over rice or a salad to bring flavor and visual appeal
  • Combine mustard seeds with honey and add to chicken for a spicy dressing influenced by French cuisine
  • Combine powdered seeds with water or vinegar for a hot condiment that enlivens the blandest of foods


Do you have any favorite mustard recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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