Max Factor Pan Stik


I have never heard of this product before, I tried some other MaxFactor products including a foundation but never in this form.  Recently I needed a concealer and the sales assistant recommended the Pan Stik to me. I was not keen on it at first as I don’t usually go for stick concealers and foundations since I have quite dry / combination skin and most sticks tend to make my skin look dry an cakey.

However the sales assistant really sold this to me and I really needed some kind of concealer that cover blemishes, so I thought I would give this a go.

I love it!! I have been using it nearly everyday for the past 2 – 3 weeks. It covers blemishes really well and it has a very smooth creamy texture. Even thought it is in a stick form it is like a cream foundation when applied.

I have been using this Pan Stick on blemishes as well as on and around my nose as I tend to have redness in such areas. I don’t use foundation on a daily basis but this is a great alternative just to cover concerned areas.

I also suffer from eczema and I tried this stick on a couple of eczema patches I had on my face recently and it applied brilliantly, didn’t make my condition worse, covered the redness very well and my skin did not flake or appear dry around such areas. I can almost say that it kept my eczema patches moisturised.

I love this foundation / concealer, I think it is a little to heavy to use as a full face foundation, but as a concealer or to cover concerned areas it is amazing!

I have the shade 12  true beige.


Have you ever tried such product? What is your favourite foundation / concealer?