Superfoods: Brown Rice



A little bit of History:

Brown rice is the most unadulterated variety of rice available, stripped only of its outermost layer. It therefore retains the vast majority of its nutrients, which make it such a healthy food to include in your diet.


Brown rice is high in manganese and fiber, protecting both your nervous and digestive systems as well as helping you feel fuller after eating, preventing weight gain. It is rich in magnesium, which eases asthma, high blood pressure and migraine and reduces risk of heart disease. It also contains phosphorous, which is vital to the very structure of your body’s cells.


  • Rice provides as much as 50 per cent of daily calories for half the world’s population
  • Use a delicious accompaniment to a curry or sweet and sour dishes to balance the flavors
  • Try to make some homemade sushi using raw sliced fish and vegetables
  • Make a healthy rice pudding with almond milk, grated nutmeg and a dark colored honey


Do you have any favorite rice recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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