Beveryly Bow Tie Carry All in Caramel


Recently I made some purchases from Ogorgeous / Blogilates and bodypop active wear, all of which are related to  blogilates youtube channel by Cassey Ho. A link to the blog here and youtube channel here.

I already posted about some of the items I bought including the body pop active wear here and detox water bottles here.

My latest item was this lovely multifunctional bag which is big enough to use as a gym bag or a weekender bag. I bought this bag to use as a work bag, as I carry quite a lot of stuff to work including a packed lunch and this bag fits a small cooler perfectly (to keep my food cool during the day).

I have been loving this bag, it has enough compartments to keep all my daily needs in order and is great for putting everything in it and carry just 1 bag, instead of having to carry multiple bags for different purposes [lunch, papers / laptop, handbag etc] (which I am not really keen on).

I got the Beverly Bow Tie carry all in Caramel. I love the design and I think that the bow tie makes it look cute and the Caramel colour makes it look sophisticated enough for an office work bag. It is very sturdy and seems to be constructed out of very good material, making it ideal for a big carry all (especially if you are like me and carry half of your belongings with you wherever you go). A link to this bag here


Do you have the same problem I do, that you have to carry everything with you in case you need something?

Have you every bought anything from blogilates / body pop active? What are your favourite items?


PS: This is not a sponsored post, I bought the bag with my own money and anything here is my personal honest opinion