Superfoods: Oranges



A little bit of History:

Oranges originated in South China; they were later exported to India before being sold throughout the rest of the world.


Oranges contain healing phytonutrients that have strong antioxidant properties. The fruit’s vitamin C content gives your immune system tremendous support and fights the free radicals that oxidize cholesterol


  • If you’re using orange peel, buy oranges that have not been treated with pesticides and remember to wash them thoroughly
  • Rather than relying on caffeine to wake you up, try a natural alternative in the form of orange juice
  • When preparing turkey or chicken try glazing it with orange juice and honey
  • Make a delicious and simple fruit salad with blueberries, oranges and pear. More on these super fruits here and here
  • Saute fruit such as apples and berries in the juice of 1 orange for a delicious compote!


Do you have any favorite orange recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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