Working out and Blogilates

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I have been following Cassey Ho of blogilates (blog: here) for over a year now and I have always find her inspirational. Last year I did the 12 weeks new body makeover challenge with her and was following the calendar religiously for around 3 months. I’ve seen such great improvements in my health, my body as well as my mood and I was loving it.

Then I got distracted with work and other stuff and I started slacking in exercise and as the time went by, somehow I stopped exercising. With Summer approaching the temperatures start to rise and I find it really difficult to work out in hot weather especially with the humidity when everything feels sticky even when you barely move. I also find that hot temperatures make me feel very tired and agitated.

Now that summer is almost over (too bad the excessive heat is not over yet) I wanted to start over and I got back to following blogilates again, but this time i’m also following Cassey on twitter, instagram and downloaded the mobile app for more motivation and encouragement which I really need.



The app is so convenient, amongst many features,  it also has an interactive calendar which links to the workouts and you can tick them off.


I have started the September Calendar, which is basically a monthly workout plan full of workouts for every day with the corresponding workout on youtube which is really easy to follow. I am on day 3 and so far so good, still a long way to go though

I love to do my workouts in the morning before I start my day to make sure that I get it done and nothing gets in the way of my workouts but at the moment I am finding it really difficult to wake up at 5am in order to slot in my workout before work, so I am doing them after work for the time being, but I am trying to get myself to wake up 15mins earlier every couple of days to try and ease myself into waking up at least 1 hour before my usual morning call.

Didn’t think this post would get this long as the intention was to document how fantastic the BodyPop Active wear are, but this will now be in the next post. Basically Cassey just launched a high quality active wear line which are really amazing.

I will post my thought on these amazing finds tomorrow 🙂


Does anyone else find it difficult to work out in summer / hot weather?


Have you ever followed blogilates? if not I suggest you have a look especially if you are looking for inspiration and workout motivation. Link to blogilates here