Superfoods: Black Pepper



A little bit of History:

Available throughout the year, black pepper comes from the pepper plant, a woody vine that can grow up to 10 meters in tropical climates. Originating from India, pepper was used as a currency in Ancient Greece, as a sign of wealth throughout the Middle Ages and is used almost everywhere today.


Black pepper improved digestion and promotes intestinal health. It has carminative (prevents gas) diaphoretic (promotes sweating) and diuretic (promotes urination) properties. It is an antibacterial and antioxidant and it stimulates the breakdown of fat cells.


  • Peppercorns will stay fresh indefinitely and their flavor is enhanced when they are frozen before use
  • Always leave pepper on the table so that you can add your preferred amount of seasoning to your food
  • Mix your pepper with roasted garlic and serve as a delicious aromatic compote
  • Add pepper to lemon juice  and olive oil to prepare a simple and healthy salad dressing
  • Sprinkle freshly milled pepper over roasted turkey breast to make your meat succulent and full of flavor


Do you have any favorite black pepper recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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