Superfoods: Lentils



A little bit of History:

Many different types of lentils are readily available, sold either whole or split in half. Their flavors are subtly different, all of them make a healthy and filling addition to your meals.


Lentils contain magnesium, vitamin B6 and folate, all of which contribute to a healthier heart and lower risk of coronary disease. The high iron content provides a healthy alternative source to red meat, which explains why lentils are found in most vegetarian diets. The increased levels of fiber in lentils help you feel full while stabilizing blood sugar levels and preventing digestive disorders.


  • Lentils react differently to cooking; brown and green lentils retain their shape after cooking, while most other varieties will become squashy and spongy.
  • Avoid the usual heavy curries by creating a lentil dahl and serve with brown rice
  • Make a nourishing and wholesome soup containing lentils, onions and vegetable stock
  • Make spicy lentil burgers and serve in buns with a hot baked potato


Do you have any favorite lentil recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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