Superfoods: Tomatoes


A little bit of History:

Originating in South America, they were cultivated in Mexico and Europe and are now found in many varieties from small, sweet red cherry to the Southern American green tomato. The fruit is actually a member of the Solanaceae (Nightshade) family; its Latin Name lycopersicon means ‘wolf peach’.


Red tomatoes are listed as one of the top anti-cancer fighting foods due to their high content of the phytochemical lycopene; they are also high in vitamin K, good for maintaining strong and healthy bones.


  • Remember not to cook tomatoes in aluminium pans; the metal will interact with the fruit’s high acidic content and contaminate your food
  • Puree your tomatoes with garlic, chopped red onion and seasoning to make and instant spaghetti sauce
  • Experience an Italian style pizza by sprinkling sun dried tomatoes and roasted garlic on it
  • Slice and mix your tomatoes with black olives, red onion and feta cheese to create a Mediterranean salad
  • Finely chop your tomatoes and add lime juice and a sliced jalapeno pepper to create a spicy salsa dip


Do you have any favourite tomato recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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