Cult Beauty Purchase


I’ve recently realized that most of my skin care items have been hitting pot, so it was time to stock up my shelves. The first purchase I made was from cultbeauty, and this was the first time I’ve purchased items from cultbeauty but I must admit that I am impressed with their service as well as the fact that they only stock up on items which are considered as cult products. I would really recommend cultbeauty for beauty purchases as well as having a browse through what products are considered as cult products at the moment. You can access cultbeauty website here and they also have a blog which you can access here. PS: This post is not sponsored in any way, I have purchased the items with my own money and am sharing my thoughts on such site and services.


The first item I purchase is the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing balm here, which comes with emma hardie’s wash cloth. I love this product and it is a repurchase, I love the texture as well as the scent, so luxurious!

The next item is also from Emma Hardie and this is the introductory kit here which consists of the emma hardie wash cloth, a travel size cleansing balm of 50ml and a travel size age renewal cream of  15ml. It also comes with a cute white and gold make up bag which all these items fit into. I must admit, I’m addicted to makeup bags , any kind of bag really, I buy almost anything which comes with a free bag!

Another item I purchased it from Aromatherapy Associates which is a deep relax balm here which is a thick balm which you apply to pulse points, usually temples and wrists and its scent helps you relax and ease you into sleep.

Another sleep related item is from Holistic Silk and it is the Silk Eye mask in colour Jade here which is a huge eye mask with a velvety black back to help in keeping your eyes in the dark and is filled with lavender  which you can smell when you put it on and it helps you relax and easy you to sleep once you put it on.


Have ever purchased from cultbeauty? and have you every tried any on these products? what are your thoughts and recommendations??