Healthy Leftovers Recipe #1




The image of this meal don’t do it any justice, but this tasted delicious. 


I’ve had some chicken and beetroot from the day before  and some black eyed beans and greek yoghurt that needed to be used up. 

I’ve heated a pan and sprayed a couple of sprays of fry light 1 calorie spray and added the black eyed beans. Left them for 1 minute or so to crisp up a bit and added the already cooked chicken pieces and left them for a couple of minutes to heat up. 

In the mean time I mixed 2 heaped TBS of Greek yogurt and 1/2 TSP Harissa paste to add later. I also chopped some feta cheese and beetroot while the chicken and beans heat thoroughly. 

Once the the ingredients have heated up nicely (around 5-10 minutes), I added the beetroot, feta cheese, and the yogurt and harissa mixture in the pan. Mixed everything well for about 1 minute in the pan so everything is nice and heated and Serve.


Do you have any left over recipes that you really enjoyed??