Beauty Routine: Beach Routine Pt3 (What’s in my Beach Bag?)





Following Part 1 and Part 2 of this beauty routine here and here, the last and third part of this beach routine is a what’s in my beach bag post.


Apart from the stuff I documented in part 1 here, I do take additional items to the beach which I find either convenient or necessary.

I hate it when a lot of stuff is running around in my bag as it makes it look cluttered and takes ages to find what I am looking for apart from easily losing stuff this way. So I try to enclose everything in “plasticy” type make up bags, ones I find are easy to wipe clean and the contents won’t get dripping wet with little splashes of water. Of course they are not water proof so the contents will get wet if sunk in water.

So back to the contents of my beach, I always take the following items with me on a trip to the beach:



Hair Comb –Β to get rid of any tangles before and after a swim

Mini Deodorant – I hate thinking / feeling sweaty and being in the heat makes me feel that way, so I keep a deodorant handy to feel refreshed at all times. At the moment I am using the Nivea in Pearl Beauty

Face Wipes – to get rid on any salty water or chlorine from my face which also makes it easier to re apply sunblock once the face is clean. I love the Simple kind to skin cleansing wipes as they are fragrance free and do no irritate my skin

White Vinegar – I always carry white vinegar with me as I go to swim at the sea side rather than a pool most of the time so I keep this handy in case I get stung by a jelly fish.

Β Oral Electrolyte Powder –Β I suffer from low blood pressure and being in hot temperatures make me feel worse, so I keep these handy in case I need them to mix them with some cold water. I love the black current flavour

Tissues – for any spills or sneezes

Mirror – in case i need to see how my hair or face is doing πŸ™‚

and of course….

#daclip courtesy of essiebutton, for keeping my hair in place both after or during my swim



I also take with me a small first aid kit which includes the following items in case I need them:


  • pins
  • cotton balls
  • gauze
  • tweezers
  • bandages
  • alcohol wipes
  • stick various sizes
  • travel scissors


I like to be prepared for every situation!!


What is in you beach bag? Do you have staple items to carry with you during a trip to the beach?