Superfoods: Turkey



A little bit of History:

Native to North America and Mexico, Christopher Colombus introduced turkeys to Europe. The bird is closely tied to cultural feasts such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, and was even part of the first meal on the Moon!


As well as being an excellent source of protein, turkey contains traces of selenium, which aids in the production of antioxidants and is key to thyroid metabolism and the immune system. It is also high in the anti-cancer nutrient niacin and zinc, which is good for strengthening the skin and again the immune system.


  • Try to buy organically-raised turkey for both humane and health reasons; these birds have been reared without the use of hormones or antibiotics
  • As a perfect accompaniment to roast turkey, try broiled sweet potatoes with cranberry sauce
  • Slice cold and serve on a bed of crunchy green salad, sprinkled with dried cranberries and walnut oil
  • Create delicious Mexican burritos with a turkey, cheese, lettuce and onion filling


Do you have any favorite turkey recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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