Beauty Routine: Beach Routine Pt2 (Post Beach)

wpid-img_20140820_184751.jpgFollowing the beach routine part 1 (pre beach) here, I also have a routine I follow after a visit to the beach.


The sun and the heat usually leave me dehydrated and tired even though I try to drink plenty of water, and my skin and hair would need a pick me up after being in heat and salty water / chlorine. These steps help in getting myself back to normal after a day trip to the beach.


The first thing I do, is have a shower (obviously) and post beach I love to use the Bionsen Japanese Spa Minerals shower gel, as I find it refreshing and the scent is cool and fresh


Next I wash my hair, I don’t do this whilst in the shower as I don’t like the residue of shampoos and conditioners on my body as sometimes it irritates my skin. At the moment I am using a duo by Paul Mitchell designed for post UV exposure which are the Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo and After Sun Replenishing Masque. Post beach I usually double shampoo my hair to make sure I get rid of all the sea salt or chlorine, then I apply the mask and leave it for at least 15mins, then rinse.


Next phase is a face cleanse, I double cleanse using oil based cleansing balm and a flannel / wash cloth for this step and at the moment I am using the Emma Hardie – amazing face moringa cleansing balm. I love this balm, I’ve recently re purchased it, I love the texture and the scent, and I feel that it gives me a good cleanse and make me think of spas.


After a good cleanse, I apply a hydrating face mask and at the moment I am using the Origins drink up intensive overnight maskI love this mask as it is hydrating and I don’t have to rinse it, so I can put it on and relax


After my face is hydrated I apply a body butter and relax. At the moment I am loving the body shop moringa body butter as it leaves my skin soothed and smells fresh


Last but not least drink plenty of cool water to re hydrate and cool myself !!!


Do you follow any kind of routine after going to the beach? What are your tips for post sun exposure?