Beauty Routine: Beach Routine Pt1 (Pre Beach)


Ok, so going to the beach is nice and relaxing most of the time, but with temperature of 33 degrees celcius  in the shade ( apprx 92 degrees fahrenheit) most days of summer if not higher, I tend to follow a few steps everytime I go the beach to be protected as much as possible.


Face Sunblock  – At the moment I have been using the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL in 50+ Extreme Fluid which is non-perfumed and water resistant. I have very pale and sensitive skin and also suffer from eczema especially in summer, and I found this product excellent for my face. The extreme fluid states to be for normal to combination skin, and although my skin is more on the dry side, I prefer this one as I put it on my normal moisturiser and it blends in really easily without leaving any white marks or irritation. The formula of this product is very runny so it is easily applied.


Body Sunblock – nothing much to say about this step except that it is a very important step especially in summer. At the moment I am using the Cien sun in SPF 30 as it does not leave any white marks. I also love the Hawaiian Tropic Range especially for their scents.


Lip Sunblock – at the moment I am using the body shop Vitamin E range with SPF 15 but I will be purchasing one in a higher SPF for beach trips.


Hair Mask – this step is not really for sun protection but more of a sea water / chlorine protection.  I used to get really tangled frizzy hair every time I go to the beach, but recently I’ve been applying hair mask to my hair before going to the beach, then re apply after every swim or so. This seem to keep sea water from sticking to my hair making it easier to comb / brush my hair whilst at the beach and easier to wash after. Whilst at the beach the hair mask will also act as a frizz tamer, leaving my hair in place. 


UV Hair Protectant – last but very important step in my opinion. I am currently using the Paul Mitchell sun shield conditioning spray which protects hair from UV damage. I apply this before and whilst at the beach (or in any kind of prolonged sun exposure for that matter) and it adds shine to my hair whilst protecting it from the sun. I also like the scent of this product which is a + in my books.


Do you follow any kind of routine whilst at the beach? What are your tips for sun exposure?