Superfoods: Asparagus



A little bit of History:

Generally regarded as a luxury vegetable and served in gourmet restaurants, asparagus has been prized for it medicinal benefits for more than two millennia. It originated in the Mediterranean and was cultivated in Ancient Egypt.


Asparagus contains folate, a B-vitamin that can help to prevent problems in pregnancy and keeps your cardiovascular system healthy. It also contains potassium and inulin, a carbohydrate digested by the friendly bacteria in you gut.


  •  Asparagus is renowned for the strong odor that it adds to urine. That is not dangerous and if you find it happens to you, you should not be worried
  • Serve with chicken breast in a lemon, cracked black pepper and olive oil for dressing
  • Serve asparagus as an appetizer with prosciutto ham wrapped around each spear


Do you have any favorite asparagus recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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