Superfoods: Onions


A little bit of History:

Onions have been cultivated for 5000 years and originate from Asia and the Middle East. They have been used medicinally in India since the 6th century and were at one point considered a classic breakfast food


Onions lower your blood sugar levels and improve glucose tolerance. When they are eaten regularly with meals they have many cardiovascular benefits: helping to prevent cholesterol, high blood pressure, atheroscleriosis, diabetic heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. It also serves as an antibacterial that can prevent colon cancer.


  • Β Store onions at room temperature and refrigerate an hour before chopping to boost their flavour
  • Spice up your lentil dishes by mixing them with a combination of diced red and white onions
  • Bake whole onions and stuff with chopped roasted pumpkin and dried cranberries, top with almonds
  • If you’re pushed for time, then create a quick snack by sauteing onions and mixing with steamed spinach


Do you have any favourite onion recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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