Brush Cleaning Routine


I’ve never realized how important it is to clean makeup brushes until I started getting spots on my face and started re searching what the cause could be.

Make up brushes hold a lot of dust and bacteria especially if kept on display and good quality makeup brushes are easy to clean without shedding any bristles.

Most of my makeup brushes are from Real Techniques, and apart from being very affordable, they are really easy to clean and are as good as new after a couple of swirls in cleaning products. I’ve had some of my brushes for over a year now and they have never shed any bristles.

I use a baby shampoo to clean my brushes as it is super affordable and it is gentle on the brushes. I’ve been using the Johnson’s baby shampoo for quite a while now and I have never had any problems with it, and it leave my brushes squeaky clean!

My process is a follows:

1. Squeeze some product into the palm of my hand


2. Give the brush a couple of swirls into the product in my palm until it lathers up and most of the makeup is in lather

3. Rinse under clear water. I repeat these 3 steps if need be, depending on the amount of makeup on the brushes.


4. Put all my now clean brushes horizontally on a window sill to air dry.

I followΒ the same process for my real techniques makeup sponge but I make sure that all the lather is thoroughly rinsed before putting it to dry as it may require more rinsing than the brushes


5. All my brushes are now clean and as good as new!


Do you have a different brush cleaning routine? How many times do you clean your makeup brushes? Do you have a favourite brush cleaning product?