Superfoods: Ginger



A little bit of History:

Ginger is one of the most common spices and can be used in wide variety of dishes both sweet and savory. In the East it’s used to flavor many people’s staple diets and in Europe it is a common flavoring for desserts. Ginger is ubiquitous in Chinese healing, appearing in 50 per cent of herbal remedies. 


Ginger’s benefits are manifold; the active ingredients in ginger have cancer-protective properties, they also boost the immune system, settle nausea and stomach upsets and reduce pain caused by rheumatic disorders.


  •  A little ginger goes a long way; you don’t need to add much to your diet to experience the benefits of its highly concentrated active ingredients
  • Steep some root ginger in hot water and add honey and lemon for a refreshing, warming beverage
  • Add some ground ginger to healthy biscuits and cakes for a subtle twist
  • When you’re net making a stir fry, don’t forget to include this essential ingredient to provide flavour
  • This may sound unusual, but healthy ice cream made with ginger is an exhilarating experience for your taste buds


Do you have any favourite ginger recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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