Superfoods: Bananas



A little bit of History:

It is believed that bananas originated in Malaysia about 4000 years ago and they were then exported throughout India and the Philippines. Today, the main producers of bananas are Costa Rica, Mexico and Ecuador and they are exported all over the world


The potassium in bananas makes them a tonic for the heart and also helps control blood pressure levels. They can also prevent stomach ulcers, regulate movement through the digestive tract and prevent loss of eyesight in the elderly.


  •  Putting a banana in the fridge will damage the ripening process to such an extent that it may never ripen, even if brought back to room temperature
  • Keep your energy levels well supplied by snacking on bananas during the day
  • Puree your bananas with milk and some ice cubes to create a natural and mouth watering smoothie
  • Drizzle whole bananas in maple syrup, wrap with kitchen foil and cook in a hot barbecue until browned

Do you have any favourite banana recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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