Superfoods: Broccoli



A little bit of History:

Broccoli is available all year, but it’s tastiest between October and May. It was originally cultivated in Italy, dating back to Roman times and it’s Italian name ‘broccolo’ means ‘cabbage sprout’.


Broccoli contain phytochemicals, which have been proven to be effective cancer fighters. It also reduces your chances of heart disease, cataracts, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis and birth defects during pregnancy. Your overall health will improve when you eat broccoli because it boosts your immune system and facilitates the absorption of calcium by the body, leading to stronger bones and fewer visits to the dentist!


  • Β Steam broccoli and sprinkle with fresh lemon juice to create a simple and healthy snack
  • stay warm in winter with a broccoli and stilton soup
  • Eat broccoli raw with a garlic and cucumber-yoghurt dip to really stimulate your palate
  • Steam broccoli and toss with tofu and soy sauce for a healthy main course rich in nutrients


Do you have any favourite broccoli recipes? or other cool tips on this superfood?


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